Get Your Umbrellas Out, It’s Baby Shower Time.

4 08 2009

I am SO excited to go home to MPLS this weekend for A & K’s baby showers/housewarming party. I spent all last weekend shopping for baby stuff and I think I started to go a bit overboard, but when it comes to the new little sugarplumbabycakes I really can’t help myself. 

I bought a few gifts from Target and Babies “R” Us, then I went over to Hallmark and Michael’s and bought gift boxes and wrapping paper and ribbons and decorations and all that lovely stuff. The end result was some of the most fantastic looking gifts I have ever wrapped, and I’ve wrapped a lot of gifts (I will post some pics a little later, you’ll see).

Now this part is really exciting…

There are going to be two showers, one on Saturday at A & K’s house and one on Sunday at G-Ma’s house, and the shower on Saturday is going to be a tie-dye party!! What a great idea, right!? I’m envisioning tie-dyed onesies EVERYWHERE! So, in an effort to educate myself in the art of tie-dyeing, I scoured YouTube for video tutorials on the hottest new tie-dyeing techniques (this is a good one “The Spiral” but beware of the rather ominous looking instructor). I’m a fast learner and naturally “artsy-crafty inclined” so I’m believeing those tutorials will pay off when it comes time to dye (I’ll post some pics after the shower, you’ll see). 

And last but never least, I will be baking a tie-dye cake!  (Kayla, I promise you, you are TOTALLY going to dig it). Since my flight arrives at 11:55pm on Friday night and the party is on Saturday afternoon (and because I really don’t want to try to take a big rainbow cake through airport security, and besides, I don’t have an oven in my little San Diego beach shack anyways LOL) I will be participating in some midnight baking, yessss.

(Scheck out that link for the rainbow cake!)




6 responses

12 08 2009
momma c

That was quite a weekend we just shared…fun, fellowship, midnight baking – and of course the cake was awesome! K & A received some beautiful gifts…what a blessing! I think you are getting a great start at being the best Auntie eva!

5 08 2009
Adam Zillionaire

Booty Full….

Tie-die cake takes the cake for…cakes.

5 08 2009
momma celeste

baby cakes too

5 08 2009
brotha drizzle

Awww, aint this sweet we all in together now, birds of a feather now connected no matter how far away even our faces stay in sight through technolojay skype keeps the hype tangeable pictures are worth a thousand words but real time is more manageable. I’m an animal yo, got a canibal flow . ride bikes with no handles and go.. up hill and I aint slow but for now its time that I go.
Tasha its totally amazin that you’ve got an outlet for creativity and love to flow and produce itself on screen for everyone to enjoy! I love you.

5 08 2009
momma celeste

It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’

5 08 2009
momma celeste

wellllll….it’s 4:30 in the morning and I finally got up from my “nap” to read ur latest entry – LOL!!! (apparently I really needed that sleep!). I really appreciate (and honestly-I’m rather surprised) the fact that you are writing! I’ts good writing Tasha, although that part doesn’t surprise me at all. I have always enjoyed reading pieces you have written-though in the past it’s usually been school work. Even though I am familiar with the facts of your latest entry, I’m facinated by the story and the way you offer word pictures. I am really looking forward to the next entry. So rap on sista, rap on!!!
ps…ur gonna be the best Auntie Tasha evaaaa!
pss…can’t hardly waaaaaait!!!!! LU

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